5 Benefits Of Cable Railing

Posted on: 25 April 2023

Cable railings are an attractive choice anywhere you require an exterior railing. The design is simple — they're made of durable metal top and bottom rails with vertical steel cabling forming the pickets between the two. These railings can be used around patios, up stairways, or around balcony areas. There are many benefits to choosing this versatile railing option.

1. Attractive Design

The simple yet classic design of cable railing systems complements most home architectural styles. The railing is modern enough for newer homes yet also well suited to older home designs ranging from Victorian to mid-century modern. Although the rails and cable pickets are similar in most cable railing designs, there are options for post and finial styles that can be selected to better fit your home's style.

2. Easy Installation

Most vertical cable rail systems are sold in pre-assembled sections, so installation is relatively quick and simple. A skilled do-it-yourselfer can install these systems on their own, which can provide some cost savings. With professional installation, you can expect the work to be done quickly since most of the work in installation is simply setting the support posts for the railing panels. 

3. Weather Resistance

Weathering can be a concern on some railing materials. Cable railings are typically made from marine-grade metals that won't easily rust or corrode. Powder-coated finishes further protect the metal, as well as being resistant against chipping and fading. Unlike wood or wrought iron railings, there is never any need to repaint a cable railing system. Rain, ice, wind, and sun exposure have little to no effect on cable railings.

4. Extreme Durability

The pre-tensioned cables that make up the railing pickets are thick enough and strong enough that you don't have to worry about them snapping or working loose. The metal rails and posts are equally as durable against outside damage. When installed properly, the railings can provide support even when leaned against or bumped into. This extra durability also means they are safer when used as a safety barrier around stairs or balconies.

5. Customizable Options

Not all cable railing systems look alike. Most systems come with a variety of options when it comes to the height of the railings. There is also usually a selection of stock colors you can choose from, from the classic black railings to brighter and more colorful options. You can also opt to have the railings painted or powder coated in a custom color if the stock colors don't meet your needs. 

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