Keep Your Lawn Weed-Free With These 3 Strategies

Posted on: 24 February 2023

A lush green lawn is a perfect addition to any home, but weeds can quickly ruin your little paradise. Luckily, you can use several weed control strategies to keep your lawn looking its best.

Take a look at three simple strategies you can implement to keep pesky weeds away from your lawn.

Feed Your Lawn Regularly 

A healthy lawn is more resistant to some types of weeds, so feeding your grass regularly is a great way to prevent them from taking root. Pick up a quality fertilizer and apply it according to the instructions on the label. Make sure to water your lawn well after applying the fertilizer so the soil can easily absorb the nutrients.

This way, your grass will stay strong and vibrant all year long. You should also water your lawn deeply and evenly before applying fertilizer for maximum effect. Weeds won't have a chance to take root if your grass is already dominating the space.

Spot-Treat Weeds With Herbicides

Another way to tackle weeds in your lawn is with herbicides. Herbicides are chemical agents that target and kill specific types of weeds. But first, you'll need to identify the type of weed present in your lawn and then choose an herbicide to match. Otherwise, the herbicide won't be effective.

When applying the herbicide, carefully follow the instructions on the label and wear gloves for extra safety. Improper application can damage your grass and other nearby plants.

If you're not sure, consult with a weed control specialist for advice on what product will work best for you. Once you've got the right product, spot-treat any visible weeds in your yard and take care not to spray healthy grass or desirable plants in the area.

Pull Weeds by Hand

If chemical treatments aren't something you want to deal with, don't worry — you can still get rid of stubborn weeds without them. Pulling them by hand is labor-intensive but quite effective since you're removing the weed and its root. This is one of the best methods for tackling smaller patches of weeds in your lawn since it's quick, easy, and requires no extra tools.

Simply grab the weed at the base of its stem and pull it out firmly but gently, taking care not to damage the surrounding grass. It's important to get as much of the root as possible so the weed doesn't come back. Try to pull the weeds out soon after you spot them so they don't have time to mature and spread their seed.

Contact weed control services for more tips and advice.