Repairing Your Malfunctioning Hot Tub

Posted on: 9 November 2022

Your hot tub may be one of the features of your home that you enjoy the most. Unfortunately, a hot tub can suffer from a number of problems that will have the potential to require professional repairs to correct it.

Replacing The Heating System

Your hot tub will require a powerful heating system if it is to effectively warm the water that is in it. Unfortunately, the heating system for your spa is likely to eventually degrade. This is due to the wear that the heating elements will experience. Eventually, they will lose their ability to effectively generate heat, but this can be a gradual process. If this occurs, you may notice that the hot tub is no longer able to maintain a consistent water temperature as the malfunctioning heating element may only work sporadically or at a partial output. In order to correct this problem for your hot tub, the heating system will have to be fully replaced.

Addressing Body Damage To The Hot Tub

Structural damage to the body of the hot tub is another issue that homeowners will often need to address with this feature of their property. Sadly, structural body damage to the hot tub can be a significant problem that has the potential to cause major leaks and other issues. If the body damage is to the liner of the hot tub, there may be an option to patch it as long as the crack is extremely small. If a homeowner can find the location of this crack, they may even be able to apply this patch on their own. Unfortunately, plumbing leaks can be a more difficult issue to repair. For example, a faulty seal could lead to a sizable leak forming, but the homeowner may be unable to find the source of this leak on their own. Hot tub repair services are well-equipped to locate leaks so that repairs can be performed.

Pump Failures

Most hot tubs are equipped with strong pumps that are used to circulate the water and provide massage jets. Unfortunately, pump failures are among the most common issues that hot tubs can experience. Whether this is the result of routine wear to the pump or an obstruction preventing it from working correctly, it can lead to water quality issues for the spa due to the water failing to circulate correctly. Water quality issues can rapidly develop as a result of the pump failure, which means a hot tub repair provider should be contacted at the first sign of weak or otherwise unusual performance.

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