Why You Shouldn't Leave A Broken Window Unfixed For Long

Posted on: 29 September 2022

Windows make up a large section of the exterior facade of your home and business, with many people enjoying all the natural sunlight that these windows provide. They can also make your building feel bigger and less cramped while giving you a real and pleasant view of your natural surroundings. However, they are susceptible to breaking, although not as much anymore as they were in the past, and you should always make sure you replace a broken or damaged window as fast as you can. Here are a few reasons why it is important that your window replacement is prompt.


The exterior of your home or business has to be as waterproof as it possibly can be because the internal structure of your home is far less adept at repelling or dealing with moisture. If moisture of any kind finds a foothold in your home, then it is very simple for it to start to develop into mildew or, worse yet, mold. Broken windows are a prime target for moisture to enter your house, and it doesn't have to rain for this to happen. The morning dew, extreme humidity, or temperature changes can be enough for moisture to form inside your house.

Safety Risk

Even if your window isn't shattered or broken entirely just yet, once it is damaged to a certain degree, it is only a matter of time before it suffers a catastrophic failure and falls into pieces. If this happens while you are not in the immediate vicinity, then this broken glass can pose a threat to unknowing people walking past or perhaps even small children or pets. Window replacements need to be done immediately to avoid this exact scenario, you cannot just kick the can further down the street; you need to address it now.


Depending on what area of the United States you live in, pests may pose a much bigger threat to your house than you might think. Cockroaches, termites, mice, birds, and vermin of all shapes and sizes are looking for weak entry points into your house. Shoring up the gaps in your facade ensures that these pests cannot find a way in and then make a nest or home somewhere that is far more difficult to remove them from. The only thing worse than dealing with a broken window is a broken window and a pest infestation. 

If you need a window replacement, talk to a window professional in your area.