Features To Look For In An Automated Trimming Machine

Posted on: 9 August 2022

An automated trimming machine can make your work a lot easier as someone in the cannabis business. Never again will you have to spend days on end trimming flowers with hand clippers. But with so many different automatic trimming machines on the market, how do you know which ones to buy? Here are a few key features to look for.

Hourly Through-Put Rate

Somewhere in the product description of an automated trimming machine, you should see an automated put-through rate listed. This rate is the amount of plant material that the trimmer can handle per hour. For example, if the trimmer has an hourly put-through rate of 35 pounds per hour, then you know it can trim up to 35 pounds of cannabis each hour that it is in use. You can then divide the size of your harvest by the put-through rate to figure out how many hours it would take to trim your harvest using that machine. Generally, you can spend a little more on a machine that will get the harvest trimmed faster, or a little less on a machine that will take a bit longer to do the work.

Stainless Steel Construction

Some cheaper trimmers are made with nickel-plated aluminum. This is an acceptable material if you are only trimming small batches. However, if you're trimming more than a few pounds at a time, then you really want to look for trimmers made from stainless steel. These will last longer, require fewer repairs, and be easier to clean. (You can remove resin from stainless steel trimmers with rubbing alcohol.)

Speed Control

The best trimmers allow you to adjust the speed. They may have a dial you can turn up or down. Or, they may have three- or four-speed settings. Either option is okay, so long as there is a way to control the speed. You want to be able to turn the speed up for flower that is more moist or sticky, as this prevents resin from getting stuck to the blades. You also want to be able to turn the speed down to cut dryer flowers from shattering and creating dust.

As you explore the different trimming machines out there, make sure you're considering the features above. There are a lot of good trimmers, so to an extent, which ones are best is really a matter of opinion. Read reviews and talk to the manufacturers of trimming machines to learn more.