Buying Replacement Windows? Do The Following Four Things

Posted on: 12 January 2022

Are you ready to replace the old windows in your home, but not sure what to get? It will help to do the following four things to narrow down your selection. 

Create A Budget

It's important to start with a dollar amount in mind with how much you are willing to pay for new windows. Are you on a budget and looking to spend as little as possible, or do you want to spend money on high-quality windows because you plan on staying in your home for a long time? Having a budget will definitely help steer you toward the right range of windows that will fit your needs, rather than looking all over the place.

Compare The Various Types of Windows

There are hundreds of different types of windows out there, all made with different materials and by different manufacturers. This means that you shouldn't pick the first window that you see, because there may be something out there that you haven't seen yet. 

The best way to compare windows is by going down to a showroom for a local window contractor in your area. This allows you to operate and see the windows in person, which can really help narrow down your decision. 

Compare The Installation Methods

In addition to the type of window you are using, you'll want to compare the different installation methods that can be used to put the replacement windows in your home. Two common methods are known as a pocket window and full-frame window installation. The pocket installation method retains many aspects of the existing window, such as the trim, siding, and frame. The main things being replaced are the exterior stops and sashes.

The other option is a full-frame installation, which actually removes the sill, trim, and entire window frame, and then replaces it with a brand new one. This method is preferred when the condition of those other elements of the windows are also in need of replacement. 

Compare The Installation Company

Once you've narrowed down the window type and installation method, you'll want to pick an installation company that you trust. One thing that separates window contractors is who actually performs the installation. Does the company have its own crew or does it use independent contractors?

In addition, it can help to get references from the company for other homes in the area that they have done work on. You may want to drive by those homes and take a look at the quality of the installation in person. 

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