2 Reasons Why You Should Not Attempt To Install Your Lawn's New Sod Yourself

Posted on: 7 October 2021

If you have multiple bare spots in your yard, you may have decided to forego trying to plant seeds and hoping they sprout, and instead, lay sod. Because the process seems fairly easy and straightforward, you may wish to try to install it yourself.

However, there is more to laying down sod than simply scraping off the old grass and rolling on the new. Below are a couple of reasons why you should not attempt to install your lawn's sod yourself. Instead, have a professional complete the work for you

1.  You May Not Have the Experience or Tools to Properly Prepare the Soil

One reason why you should avoid installing your own sod is that you most likely do not have the experience or tools necessary to properly prepare the soil. While it may appear as though you only need to remove the old grass at the roots and even out the dirt a little bit, the preparation is much more involved.

Along with removing the old grass, rocks, sticks, and other debris that may interfere with the sod being able to take root must be removed, which requires multiple tools you most likely do not have. Also, the soil needs to be enriched if it is poor, something that a professional can easily determine.

2.  You Run the Risk of Having an Uneven, Sloppy-looking Landscape 

Another reason why you should leave the installation of the professionals is that you run the risk of having an uneven, sloppy-looking landscape if you attempt the job yourself. While rolling out the sod may look easy, it must be done with precision.

If any small gaps are left between the rolls, they could become loose, allowing too much water to run underneath the grass and rot the roots. Also, if the rolls are not as flat as possible, you may end up with humps much like those found in a loose carpet.

Along with not having the tools, knowledge, or experience required to prepare the soil and create an even, beautifully manicured lawn, installing sod yourself is also a lot of hard work, especially if you need to even out the landscape and remove large rocks. Instead of trying to do all of the hard work yourself while running the risk of having mediocre results, contact a home and garden business for additional assistance. They can provide more information about sod installation