Ways To Use Wood Lattice Fencing

Posted on: 28 April 2020

Wood lattice fencing panels can come in handy for many areas around your property. In fact, there are so many different designs of them that you can use these panels in many different ways around your yard. In order to gain more appreciation for what they can offer you, the information you can read below will provide you with some great examples of how they can be used and what features they can have.

Lattice fence tops

If you want to have a solid wood fence erected, but you are looking for a way to give it a softer look, then having lattice fencing installed on the top portion of the fence is a good way to go. When completed, you will have a solid wood fence, but the top portion will be lattice, so the fence will have added height, while sunlight can still pass through the lattice. This will add that softness you are trying to achieve, whereas a tall solid wood fence can look a bit too shut-off.

Lattice gate topper

If you want a solid wood fence installed, but you would like to have a gate where you can see who is on the other side easily, then you can have a gate installed that is also solid wood that matches the rest of the fence, but the gate can have just the top foot or so be lattice. This gives you an area you can see through, which will be helpful if you want to see for yourself who is on the other side of the gate before you decide to open it.

Lattice garden fencing

If you want to separate your garden area from the rest of your yard, but you want to do it in a way that looks more decorative than what you would get with chain link fencing, you can have a fence installed around the garden that is made up of lattice fence panels. The panels will prevent things like dogs and kids from getting in the garden area but still allow the garden to get sunlight since the sunshine can pass through the latticework.

Lattice privacy fencing

If you want a privacy fence, but you would like it to be a bit more on the decorative side, and you would like there to be the slight ability to see through it, then you can have a lattice fence put up with holes that are very small for privacy.