Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Mattress

Posted on: 10 March 2020

For those that need a longer mattress, the California king provides the additional length you need to be comfortable. Many California king mattresses come at a premium since not every manufacturer makes them, so you'll want to take care of the mattress so that it lasts many years. The following tips can help.

Rotate Regularly

How often you rotate your mattress depends on the style. Some mattresses can be used on both sides, while others have only one side that is suitable for sleeping on. With the former, alternate between flipping and rotating every three months. For the latter, simply rotate it every three months. A larger mattress like a California king likely has handles on the side that make the task easier, but it is still helpful to have an extra set of hands available  -- especially if you plan to flip the mattress over.

Get a Bedroom Bench

Sitting on the same spot on the edge of your mattress will eventually break it down. In some cases, you may just end up with a single low spot, but in other cases, the edge may break down more evenly, which leaves the center higher. To prevent this, place a bench at the end of the bed. The bench will provide you with a firm surface to sit on as you get dressed, but you won't have to worry about any damage to your mattress.

Use a Mattress Cover

A mattress cover doesn't just protect against stains; it will also keep dust and odors out of the mattress. A full cover that zips on is the best type, but these can be difficult to find in a size that fits a California king mattress. You may need to order the cover through your mattress dealer or a specialty retailer if you can find the right size cover. Have a couple of covers on hand so you can rotate them out for washing when you rotate the mattress every few months.

Clean It Regularly

You can further prolong the useful life of your mattress by cleaning it regularly. Take a few minutes to vacuum the mattress when you change the cover. This will remove any surface dirt that may have managed to penetrate the cover. If, by some chance, a stain has occurred, remove it with water and the stain remover of your choice. Make sure the mattress dries completely before you replace the cover.

Contact a mattress dealer for more information on California king mattresses.