The Best Mice Extermination Tactics You Need To Follow

Posted on: 27 October 2019

Mice, field mice, and voles (which are rodents that look like mice but are much larger with shorter tails), are all problematic to a home. They will chew through your siding and insulation to get inside in winter, and their urine and droppings cause major health problems. Mice burrow underground and create lumpy yards, while field mice and voles tunnel along the top of the grass and leave telltale tracks that damage the surface of your yard. However, these tracks are actually a good thing when it comes to mice extermination services, as you will see. The best extermination tactics, and how to use them to get rid of your rodent problems in your yard, are as follows. 

Note the Tracks and Lay the Right Traps

In winter, you might spot where mice are trying to enter your home because their dark droppings are left in the snow. In the spring, after all the snow has melted, you can see the vole and field mice tracks through the dead grass. Note where these spots are because they are the ideal spots to place traps. You should select the most effective traps possible.

Glue Traps Catch Them as They Run

All of these rodents are exceptionally fast, and only an owl, a hawk, or a cat can be that quick to catch them. There is one trap option that can catch these rodents faster than you can run, and it is the glue trap. With a super sticky surface, any rodent that runs over these traps is instantly stuck. When you place the glue traps in the direct pathways of the tracks these animals leave behind, they will try to run their usual courses and get stuck. Once they are stuck, you can use whatever means you like to pick up the traps with the dead rodents on them to dispose of them. 

Poisoned Bait Around the Foundation of Your Home Works Too

Sprinkle poisoned rodent bait around the foundation of your home. Be careful how you sprinkle it and get it as close to the foundation as possible. You do not want birds or other small animals to get after it. The mice that are coming and going from your house, and the voles and field mice running around your home's exterior will stop to eat bait and die within minutes. You will have to make a daily inspection of your yard and foundation to get the dead ones into the trash. 

Speak to a pest control company for more advice.