Four Key Ways To Fight Facial Aging

Posted on: 25 April 2019

Wouldn't it be nice if you could stay young forever? Unfortunately, everyone has to grow old but that does not mean you can't take actions to at least fight against the signs of aging on your face. Here are four key ways to help prevent wrinkles, sagging skin, and sun damage that can age your appearance.

1. Use a Good Moisturizer

Yes, using a good cleanser and other skin products is important, but moisturizer is even more important. Look for a moisturizer that contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ceramides, both of which are known to add volume to the skin and help fight the development of wrinkles. You can use a lightweight moisturizer in the morning and a heavier one at night — just make sure you apply some sort of moisturizer twice per day. If your skin becomes too dry, you'll be more prone to sun damage and wrinkles. 

2. Sleep on an Anti-Aging Pillow

You spend at least eight hours a day with your face against a pillow. Therefore, the material that the pillow is made from matters. There are pillows sold specifically as anti-aging pillows. They are made from a memory foam material that distributes pressure evenly over your face. This prevents pressure points that can lead to dead and dull skin and wrinkles. The best anti-aging pillows have a silky texture so that your skin slides over them easily without irritation.

3. Wear Sunscreen

Even if you do not get skin cancer from spending time in the sun, those UV rays really age your skin. Make sure you are applying an SPF 30 or greater sunscreen to your face each morning. Look for a formula made specifically for facial skin so it won't cause blocked pores or breakouts. Apply this sunscreen after your moisturizer, but before your makeup, if you wear makeup. Some foundations contain SPF. If you use one of these, you can probably skip your sunscreen step.

4. Eat a Vitamin-Rich Diet

Antioxidants are nutrients that absorb free radicals, which may otherwise damage your skin cells. Eat a diet rich in antioxidant vitamins, including vitamins C and E. Most fruits and vegetables are loaded with these nutrients. If your diet is not the best, consider taking a multivitamin to ensure your nutrient needs are met.

If you follow the tips above, you will experience fewer signs of facial aging as you grow older. A few simple changes can have dramatic results.