Tips For Buying Lighting Fixtures For Your Ceiling Fans

Posted on: 16 March 2019

A ceiling fan is a nice addition to any room because it circulates air and makes the room seem cooler while providing a decorative touch. You can get double use from a ceiling fan when you attach a light fixture to it. This provides illumination to the room that can be controlled by a pull chain or wall switch. There are many types of ceiling fan lighting fixtures to select from. Here are some tips for choosing the right fixture for your fan.

Choose A Wet-Rated Fixture For Outdoors

Ceiling fans can be mounted inside or outside on a patio. However, fixtures used outdoors must be able to withstand humidity and water from rain. While you'll want to keep the fan as dry as possible, with wet rated parts you won't have to worry about damage from excessive moisture. Also, you can buy many types of outdoor lighting fixtures, so you don't have to sacrifice on appearance. You can even install lights outside that match the ones you have installed indoors.

Notice How Bulbs Are Changed

Another thing that might be important to you is how the bulbs are changed in the fan light. Some lights are covered with a bowl or globe that's held tight by screws. To change the bulb, you may need to stand on a ladder to unscrew the covering to replace the bulb. If you'd prefer an easier way to change bulbs, look for a covering that's open on the end, such as a trumpet shaped globe which allows you to reach inside and unscrew the bulb without having to take off the covering. If you're tall enough, you may be able to change the bulb while standing on the floor or a small stool and eliminate the need to get a ladder just to change a burned out bulb.

Select The Right Style

Picking the light fixture for your fan is a matter of preference since there are so many choices. You can buy light covers shaped light small chandeliers or stained glass bowl covers, basic white globes, frosted trumpet coverings, and coverings made of wire or metal. You can choose the style of covering, the type of glass, and decorative accents that match the blades of the fan and the décor of your home. Basic light fixtures are inexpensive while more ornate options can be costly.

Another thing to consider when you have a light installed on your ceiling fan is the pull cords that operate the fan and lights. Cords that come with the fixtures are usually plain and short. You can buy decorative chains that add length to the fan for easier operation, or you may want to eliminate the chains for a cleaner look and operate the light with a switch.