2 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Home With Colorful Glass Vases Without Using Flowers

Posted on: 5 February 2019

If you are searching for unique ways to add splashes of color to your home's decor, you may have thought about a placing a few glass vases strategically throughout your rooms. However, you may not relish the thought of having to continuously buy fresh flowers to put in them and you may dislike the fake look of artificial ones. Fortunately, there are some creative ways to decorate your home with colorful vases without using flowers.

1.  Create a Unique Tealight Holder

One way you can use glasses vases as a complement to your home's decorating scheme is to create unique tealight holders. The combinations of the colorful glass of the vases, fillers, and glow of the candles can create a soft ambiance in any room of your house.

To create a tealight holder, first, select a nonflammable filler for the vase. The filler you wish to use depends on your preferences, the room in which the candle will be placed, and the colors you wish to blend with the vase. For example, if you wish to have an ocean-themed tealight holder for your bathroom, select a light, cool blue color for the vase. Then, pick up a small bag of seashells at the craft store, as well as coordinating colored sand. Alternate the sand and shells to create a layered effect, ending with sand at the top of the vase. Then, push the candle down into the sand to stabilize it, and place it in your bathroom.

Or, if you want to create a river-themed tealight holder, mix smooth pebbles and earth-toned sand in a light beige vase. Repeat the layered effect to create a subdued yet beautiful effect.

2.  Display Your Favorite Family Pictures

Another idea for doing more with a glass vase than display flowers is to use them to show off your favorite family photos. Not only does this serve as a nice change from the vase's common use, but it also gives you a way to memorialize key moments in your family's lives together.

Using a vase to display your family pictures can be accomplished in one of two ways. First, you find a vase that is slightly smaller than the width of the photo and is a color that complements a key hue in the photo. Then, fill the vase with sand, pebbles, or mementos from a vacation. On top of the filler, bend the photo slightly, and set it on top to display it.

However, if you do not want to bend the photo or you wish to make a copy of a picture from someone else in the family, you can transfer the photo to the glass itself. For the color of the glass, you can either select a muted tone that will not overpower the picture, or you can pick a hue that will blend in with the edges to create a feathered effect.

Once you have transferred the photo to the glass, you can further decorate the vase by filling it with objects representative of your family's memories. Or, if you would like a unique lighting effect, fill the vase with sand to just below the bottom of the picture. Then, place a small candle inside the vase. Each time you light the candle, the picture will be illuminated and cast shadows from it throughout the room.

While the above ideas are not a comprehensive list of ways to decorate with vases, they can help spark your own unique ideas. While sifting through the multiple options available at stores where you can buy decorative colorful glass vases online, let your imagination soar as you come up with personalized decorating projects of your own.