Why You Should Choose A Split Swim Spa

Posted on: 17 December 2018

If you're thinking about buying a swim spa to give you a place to work out and have fun in the water, even without a lot of space in your backyard, there are several different types to consider buying. One option is a split swim spa — a swim spa that consists of two different sections. Typically, the longer section will be equipped with jets that will allow you to swim against a current, while the smaller section will be more like a hot tub. Many people favor this type of design and the two separate spaces that it provides. Here are some reasons that you should strongly consider the split design if you plan to buy a swim spa.

It Provides Areas For Different Activities

The most obvious benefit of choosing a split swim spa is that it provides two different areas for different activities. Namely, people who want to work out can swim against the current in the larger part of the swim spa, while those who want to hang out — possibly with a cold drink — can sit in the other part of the swim spa. This two-fold approach gives have some similarities with a conventional swimming pool in that people who use a pool have the freedom to swim, play, or hang out in the shallow end. You'll appreciate having this flexibility with your swim spa.

It Offers A Post-Workout Recovery Area

Swimming is an effective full-body workout, but if you swim for a long period of time or against a particularly quick current, it's possible that your muscles will be sore afterward. Many split swim spa owners remedy this issue by soaking in the smaller section of the swim spa immediately after they're done swimming laps. You can set your swim spa to have different water temperatures in both sections. For example, you'll likely want cooler water in the larger section, and warmer water in the smaller section will provide relief for your tired muscles.

It Encourages Safety

There's a safety benefit of a split swim spa if you have children. If you enjoy swimming against a strong current, you might not feel comfortable having your young children in this part of the swim spa. Unless they're competent swimmers, the current could carry them toward the back wall and press them against it. At the same time, it might be difficult for you to keep the kids out of the water while you're enjoying it. The answer can be the split concept — with the smaller area devoid of a current and thus safer for young children.

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