Three Tips To Control Spiders In Your Home

Posted on: 19 August 2018

Does it feel like spiders are taking over your house? Even if you aren't an arachnophobe, there comes a point when there are too many eight-legged freeloaders in your home. Spraying a can of pesticide will likely have minimal effects on these unwelcome pests, but there are things you can do to get them under control. The following tips are just what you need to take care of the problem.

Tip #1: Dust thoroughly, dust often

Spiders generally need to set up house in your home before they will stick around. For many spiders, they do this by spinning a web that provides both sleeping quarters and a handy trap for prey. Webs tend to show up in corners, under furniture, and near window sills. Get in the habit of dusting and sweeping, particularly in the usually forgotten corners, twice weekly. Not only does this make it difficult for spiders to make themselves at home, it also ensures there are few crumbs laying around. Food crumbs are what attracts the insects the spiders are likely feeding upon. There's no reason for the spiders to stick around if they can spin a web or find any prey about.

Tip #2: Move your wood pile

Sometimes, the reason for spiders inside comes from a problem outside. Many types of spiders like to make their home in piles of wood, leaves, and other outdoor debris. This is because these areas provide some protection while also providing a fertile feeding ground. Stacking your winter wood near your home or failing to clean up fallen leaves or debris means you have a lot of spiders nearby. When winter cold hits, it only makes sense that some of them will make the short migration into your home to wait out the cold season. Of course, they may then decide to stick around if your home provides safety and plenty of food. Clean up your landscaping, particularly near the house, and the problem may solve itself.

Tip #3: Treat the perimeter

Although spraying for spiders isn't always successful, pesticides are a great way to handle the insects that spiders typically feed upon. Having a professional apply a barrier treatment around the exterior perimeter of your home can be a very successful way to keep your home insect- and spider-free. If you already have insect issues indoor, combine the perimeter treatment with an interior treatment to get rid of the current pest residents.

For more help, contact a professional that focuses on home pest control services near you.