Installing Outdoor Lighting To Improve Curb Appeal And Security

Posted on: 9 May 2018

Outdoor lighting can be very effective in improving both the curb appeal of your home, as well as the security. Here, you'll find some tips that can help you make decisions about exterior lighting to improve curb appeal and security.

Check for Building Codes

Before you begin creating any plan for outdoor lighting around your property, check with your local building inspection office to find out if there are any codes in place that you must follow. The direction that the lights shine, how bright they are and where they are placed could be limited by building codes or by your local HOA.

Step, Sidewalk, and Driveway Lighting

Low-level lights that emit the light in circular patterns will do well in the step, sidewalk and driveway areas. You want to illuminate the landscaping that trims the sidewalk and driveway while providing enough light to make it easy to see where you're going.

You can use a combination of solar-powered and electrically powered lights. This is a beneficial plan in the event of a power outage. Things get mighty dark when every light in the neighborhood goes out, so having the solar powered lights outside will help you see what's going on and help you safely to your car.

Front Entrance

You need to be able to see who it is knocking at your door, so lighting the front entrance of the home is a must. Place a wall-mounted lantern on each side of the door to create a warm and inviting look while achieving the lighting you hope for.

If you have a covered porch at your front door, you can choose from numerous designs of ceiling mounted fixtures – both flush and hanging. You can even opt to install lighted ceiling fans on your covered porch to add light and keep you cool when the weather warms up.

Garage Area

Garages are targeted by criminals often because they house many valuables inside. So, if you don't have the exterior of your garage lighted, you're inviting trouble because it's more inviting to attempt a break-in on a garage that sits in the dark than it is a garage in a well-lit area.

You can mount dust to dawn lights on the front of your garage, and some motion activated lights around the side and back. This will keep things lit up on the front all night long but limit the lighting on the sides and back to when anything or anyone moves around it.

Talk with your local lighting design professional to learn more about lighting the exterior of your home to enhance both curb appeal and security.