4 Tips For Getting The Most From Your Wood Stove

Posted on: 12 January 2018

One of the top ways to keep your home warm during the coldest winter months is sure to be with a wood stove. Keeping a fire going isn't that challenging to do and will offer you the warmest heat. The good news is you can accomplish this when you know the right things to help you get the most from this home device.

Tip #1: Keep it clean

It's important to remove the soot from your stove on a daily basis. There's no doubt a clean stove is one of the best producing ones. 

Set aside time to do this task for enabling you to get the absolute most from this source of heat and you're sure to see optimal results.

Tip #2: Choose the right wood

You may not be aware that the type of wood you select can make a difference in the amount of heat you're able to obtain in your home. It's a fact that hardwood can produce more warmth than softwood and this may encourage you to only choose this type.

Hardwood tends to burn faster but will provide a cleaner burn, and this could be ideal for helping you keep your home warmer.

Tip #3: Use several logs

It's important to put more than only one piece of wood on the fire if you wish to get the most from your heat. In fact, using two or three logs at a time is sure to help the fire last longer and allow your home to feel nice and toasty.

Tip #4: Look for less smoke

You may think seeing a giant cloud of black smoke is a sign that your home will be much warmer. However, this is just not the case, and it's much better to see less smoke than more.

Massive clouds of dark smoke is an immediate sign that your wood stove isn't operating at an optimal level. Less smoke is a clear indicator that the combustion is the level it should be.

The key to getting the most out of winter is sure to rest in having a home that offers you comfort, and this means a warm place to reside. Knowing the things you can do that will enable your wood stove to work efficiently will certainly be to your benefit. Be sure to work closely with a home and garden specialist to assist you with additional tips today!