3 Elegant Ways To Add A Touch Of Sparkle To Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Posted on: 25 October 2017

The turkey is thawing and the cranberry sauce is chilling in the fridge–sounds like it's the time of year for a Thanksgiving feast. When you are making preparations for such a delectable meal with your friends and family members on such a special day of the year, you want your tablescape to reflect the importance of the occasion. Sprucing up your dinner table with a little touch of something extra is just one of those little things you can do to ensure all who take a seat perceive the best impression. Here are a few elegant ways you can add a touch of shimmering sparkle to the Thanksgiving table. 

Gather some naturals and create a centerpiece. 

Thanksgiving is the trademark autumn holiday, which is why things like the cornucopia (commonly used during harvest season) and fall leaves are used in a lot of the holiday table decor. To bring this kind of decor to a whole new level that is just a touch more impressive, consider creating a centerpiece from the autumn outdoors. Gather some acorns, pine cones, and even a few leaves and spritz them with a bit of golden luster paint or glittering rose gold. Plop these hand-adorned naturals in a basic wicker basket and you have a lovely and seasonally fitting centerpiece for the event. 

Dress it up with the sparkle of crystal glassware. 

Even the glassware you use on the table can reflect the occasion and elevate the elegance factor. For example, picking up two Simon Pearce glassware vases with diamond cuts and dropping a votive candle in each will cast a shimmer of sparkling light over the whole scene. Go with glass pieces that are thick and heavy, but have delicate etchings and cuts to reflect the light in the room. Or, you could add that extra zing of sparkle with glass pieces that have a golden lip or ring, such as glasses and stemware. 

Make it special with gold-tipped feather placecards. 

Pick up some craft feathers in the neutral tones of the season and add just a splash of glittering gold paint to the edges of each. Use jute twine to tie a place card with a name on the base of each feather. Your guests can use the place cards to write their Thanksgiving blessings on, and then you can take turns reading them aloud at or after dinner for an added touch of speciality.