Five Stunning Ways To Use Mirrors In Your Interior Design

Posted on: 29 July 2015

Most every home has a mirror or two in the bedroom and bathroom for the purpose of checking one's reflection. However, mirrors can be more than just a grooming tool. They can also add an element of light and a feeling of spaciousness to your home decor. Here's a look at five stunning ways to use mirrors in your interior design.

Use a floor-to-ceiling mirror to make a small dining room feel more spacious.

The dining room is a room that's meant to feel luxurious and posh. If your dining room is on the small side, achieving this feeling of luxury can be difficult. Placing a floor-to-ceiling mirror on one wall will make the room feel much more open, conveying the sense of luxury that you crave.

If there are windows in your dining room, try to arrange the room so that the mirror is on the wall across from the window. This way, when light streams in the window, it will reflect off the mirror and illuminate the whole space. You can get away with using darker colors, like navy blue and pine green, in a small dining room if you play up the light reflection benefits of a mirror.

Place a mirror on the wall of an enclosed staircase.

Enclosed staircases seem to be fading out of modern architecture because they tend to feel too narrow and claustrophobic. If you have an older home with an enclosed staircase, placing a medium-sized mirror about halfway up the staircase can remedy the situation and grant a more modern appeal. Place the mirror so that the longer side is on the horizontal plane.

A framed mirror works well in this space. Look for one with an ornate frame that contrasts the color of your walls, as this can serve as a stand-alone decoration for your staircase wall.

Use a mirrored coffee table in a living room with minimalist decor.

Mirrored coffee tables can look quite stunning -- if they're used properly. Place one in a room that's too busy, and you'll just create an overwhelming look. Place one in a room with minimal decor, however, and you create a unique and stunning focal point.

Try pairing a mirrored coffee table with an elegant chandelier, hung just above it. Add a couple of unique paintings to your walls, choose simple furniture with clean lines, and you'll have a minimalist living room that feels complete and balanced.

Hang a mirror above a patio seating area.

Do you have a beautifully landscaped backyard? By hanging a mirror on the wall of your home, above your chairs or benches, you ensure that the beauty of the landscaping can be enjoyed even as you're facing your house. You'll see the reflection of the landscaping in the mirror, and it will look stunning when bathed with all of that natural sunlight. Keep in mind that this idea works best if you have a covered patio, so the sun does not shine directly on the mirror and create a blinding splash of light.

Use mirrored doors on your cabinets.

If you're looking for a truly unique style of kitchen cabinets, have a set custom designed with mirrors built straight into the doors. Your kitchen will feel more spacious and open, and your cabinets will have a stunning appeal that guests will admire. Just keep in mind that you'll have to wipe your mirrors often with a good window cleaner to keep them looking smudge-free.

With the tips above, you can work mirrors from sites like into your interior design in a way that creates a stunning, welcoming ambiance. Experiment with moving mirrors around within your rooms until you find a placement that's perfect for you. You can never quite be sure how a mirror will look until it's in place on the wall.