Ways To Protect Your Walls And Floors During A Move

Posted on: 12 March 2015

After you've sold your house and started preparing for the move, you may worry that your walls and floors will get damaged during the actual move itself. If you're concerned about this, there are steps you and the household moving companies can take that may help you prevent damaging your home on this busy day. By taking a few extra steps, you may be able to avoid scratching and dinging your walls and floors.

Ways To Protect Floors

The first step to think about is protecting the floors in your house, and this is important for all types of flooring materials. Here are some ideas that you could use to keep the floors in your house safe and protected on moving day:

  • Plastic floor runner – Using a plastic floor runner is one of the easiest ways to protect carpeted floors during a move. This type of material comes in rolls and has a sticky side. You can roll it out onto the floors in the areas that will receive the most traffic, and you can encourage the movers to walk on these runners as they move your items.
  • Drop cloths, blankets, or sheets – If you do not want to purchase plastic floor runner, a cheaper option would be to use old blankets and sheets you have. You could also purchase painting drop cloths, which are very cheap to buy and come in either plastic or cloth. You could cut these items into strips and tape them down with blue painting tape. This method works best for areas with carpet.
  • Cardboard boxes – If you have access to cardboard, you could cut the boxes up and tape them together. You could then place them on your floors for protection. This is a great way to protect any type of wood flooring, or any type of hard-surfaced floor. Cardboard is thicker, which will help prevent scratches on hard floors.

If you can keep your floors covered on this day, you may not need to clean the carpets after you move out. Carpet cleaning can be time-consuming if you do it yourself, or it can be expensive if you hire it out.

Ways To Protect Walls

Protecting the walls in a house is also important on moving day, and this can be especially important if you rent the house. Your landlord may dock money from your security deposit if you leave huge dings and dents in the walls, which is why you should use one of these methods to protect them:

  • Drop cloths – Painting drop cloths are also ideal for covering walls because they are light-weight. You can hang them on your walls with blue painting tape, and you should cover any walls that could get damaged as the movers are carrying your boxes and furniture.
  • Cardboard – Cardboard is also a great material to use for walls that are highly susceptible to dings during a move. Because it is heavy-duty, it will help stop dings from occurring.
  • Corner guards – These are plastic devices that you can hang on the corners of your walls. If something rubs against them, the walls will not get damaged.

With these items covering your walls, you will not have to worry about patching holes in the walls or repainting the walls after you move out.

When the time comes for you to move, it is often easier and better to hire a household moving company to handle the job. If you hire a moving company, they may include materials for protecting walls and floors because they know the risks involved with moving. If you would like to learn more about moving services, contact a company that offers household moving services.